178324. of June: Birth in Canarienhausen (Jeverland)
1802Trained by Lucas Andreas Staudinger (Flottbeck) and Albrecht Daniel Thaer (Celle), continued studying in Göttingen
1806Married the mecklenburg Helene Sophie Johanna Berlin, daughter of a landlord
Leased Rubkow near Anklam
1809Bought a manor of 465 Hectar in Tellow near Teterow
1810Starting point of Tellow Bookkeeping
1826Publication of his principal work „The Isolated State in Relation to Agriculture and Political Economy“ (Hamburg)
1830Bestowed with the honory doctorate from the philosophic faculty of the University of Rostock due to his academic achivements
1836Elected for 2. main director of the mecklenburg patriotic union
1842Publication of the second, edited and extended Edition of the “Isolated State” (Rostock)
1848Mandatory for the National Assembly in Frankfurt
Appointed for citizen of honor in Teterow
1850Publication of the second part o the “Isolated State” entitled: „The Natural Wage and Its Relation to the Rate of Interest and to Economic Rent“ (Rostock)
Died on September the 22nd in Tellow, Burial in Belitz